Why You Should Use a Paper Planner

Why You Should Use a Paper Planner

A word you’ll see mentioned on this site often is “digital.” It’s the very age that we live in and it encompasses our lives from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep (and even while we’re sleeping, in some cases)! Almost every waking moment we have is spent on some sort of screen – cellphone, computer, television; our brains are constantly processing information. This means we find ourselves forgetting more things and subsequently creating longer mental check lists.

There is a huge way of combatting this scenario – use a paper planner!

Here are five possible scenarios you can encounter and how having a paper planner can help.

Scenario Number One – You’re out with a friend and at the end of your time together you want to plan a second trip out, but you’re not sure when you’re available.

Easy! Just take out your planner and look through the days together! Having a physical calendar out and open allows you to pick a date easily and lets you pencil in your time together right away!

Scenario Number Two – You have your grocery list on your phone, but the battery died – oh, no! You also have no idea what was on your grocery list!

As someone who frequently either forgets their phone or runs their phone down to nothing, having my planner with my grocery list written in it is beyond helpful. Another added perk to writing down your grocery list is you’re more likely to remember what’s on it. Taking the time to write down things is a memorization technique that works very well. Our brains are more readily conditioned to remember things that we physically touch, such as writing. Typing the item doesn’t offer the same response in our minds leading us to forgetting more.

Scenario Number Three – You recently just became engaged and you’re trying to set a wedding date and you want your bridesmaids (or groomsmens!) and significant others help, but you don’t want to crowd around a phone to look at dates.

Great news – you can get double the fun and enjoyment with having a wedding planner to get the daunting task of picking your date! Purchasing a wedding planner allows you to have anything and everything wedding related at your disposal, but also offers you year-at-a-glance pages to help you narrow down potential dates.

Scenario Number Four – You’ve decided that you want to get braces, but you decide to use Invisalign to get the job done. You need to remember when you need to switch out your trays in between appointments, but you also want a physical documentation of your progress.

By having a planner, you’re able to write down every time you need to switch out your trays and also help keep track of your orthodontist appointments! Take it one step further and include progress shots every time you switch out your tray. Feel free to track your progress with evidence of how much your face and your smile has changed – it’s amazing how much changes in such a short amount of time!

Scenario Number Five – You’re in college or a business professional and want a way to keep all of your contacts and needed information in one place.

Having a planner not only looks professional, but it is professional. When you carry a planner, you not only feel a sense of purpose, but it also fulfills the purpose of keeping everything you need in one spot. As a college student, having a physical copy of your classes sylibi is important and as a business professional keeping tabs of the business cards you pick up from a networking event will make a world of difference. You can easily combine your every day tasks in with your work and allows for a more time effective and productive day.


These are only a few of the situations that come up in life where a planner would be beneficial. There are dozens of things that come up in our life that necessitate having a planner, but if you’re looking to become more organized, I can’t recommend one enough.




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