Planner Basics – To Decorate or Not to Decorate?

Planner Basics – To Decorate or Not to Decorate?

Hello again, Planner Babes! Time for part three of the Planner Basics series.

In the first part of the series, we covered the decision making in picking your planner. We spent time going over the different types of planners that are out there and their differences.

In part two we covered the things that you actually need to start your journey to planner nirvana.

Today, in part three, I’ll discuss my personal opinions on decorating versus not decorating.

To Decorate or Not to Decorate?

Much like the rest of your planner journey, decorating is absolutely a personal choice. You never have to decorate, but if you’re interested, then you certainly should feel welcome to give it a try. If you’re not sure what you would like to do then trying both options is your best bet. To make things easier, check out my personal and simple pros & cons list. These are just the basics of things people should be thinking about, but everyone’s list will be different.

To Decorate

[rara_column_wrap] [rara_column span=”3″]


  • Creative outlet
  • Adds originality
  • Allows for “you” to shine
  • Creates a “bond” with the planner
  • Can customize more features
  • Can add space that might not be available (creating more space in “dead space”*)

[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]


  • A lot of work
  • Creates a “need” to decorate
  • Might not meet personal standards
  • Can’t “fix” after it’s done
  • Might not look “professional”
  • Might not be functional
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* “Dead space” refers to space that’s unusable through pre-printed text or other decorative elements


To Not Decorate

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  • Professional and clean
  • Don’t feel the need to “keep up” with others
  • Easiest to maintain
  • Very functional
  • Can jot things down and go

[/rara_column] [rara_column span=”3″]


  • Standard look, doesn’t reflect “you”
  • Can become repetitive
  • Might get messy
  • Might have too much information scattered[/rara_column] [/rara_column_wrap]

With both lists being based on my personal opinions, they’re very similar in how many points. While “not decorating” has fewer in both pros and cons, I choose to mostly decorate in my planner. I enjoy the

I enjoy being able to be creative in a smaller outlet and provide myself a look that I enjoy looking at. With decorating, I’m more likely to spend time looking at my planner due to it being pleasing to the eye. There are weeks where I don’t decorate, but I enjoy the weeks where my pages are fully decorated. There’s a sense of accomplishment that’a added to my list and also provides me a moment of relaxation.

While I find decorating my planner relaxing, someone else might find the decorating stressful. As mentioned before, decorating is not something that you have to do. If it brings you joy, then it’s something that’s worth sitting down and taking time to do.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure that it’s what you want to do.

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