Planner Babes – Your Number One Planner Resource

Planner Babes – Your Number One Planner Resource


Planner Babes is the new number one resource for all things planners.

Planner Babes

The idea for Planner Babes was conceived from a moment of frustration. The idea of finding the perfect planner and achieving planner peace was elusive. While planner peace was in sight, in that very moment it was decided no one would need to experience the frustration. With a coffee fueled brain storming session, Planner Babes was born.

The main feature of the website is the Planner Finder. The Planner Finder is an interactive tool that allows for a search of popular features in the top planners on the market. The most common features are listed and separated into multiple categories – planner peace is within reach. In addition to the Planner Finder, printables for the most popular planners will be featured. New content is added and updated daily; there’s always something new. Planner Babes also features a growing community stretched across social media platforms. The Facebook group is the best place to stay up to date on new content.

Becoming the number one resource for all things planners won’t be easy, but it’s possible. Join the community and join in the fun. We’re happy to have you here.


*edit: 1/1/18 – the Planner Finder feature has been sunset.



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