The Planner Babes Holiday Gift Guide

The Planner Babes Holiday Gift Guide

**disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.**

Struggling to find the perfect gifts for some people in your life? Why not share your love of planning?

A planner and accessories are a gift that will benefit the gift received all year long. Check out these little bundles so that you can put together the perfect holiday gift this season!



The “on-the-go” person is the person who is always running. One moment they’re home and the next moment they’re flying off to someplace exotic (or their fifth trip to Target that day – no judging!). This person can be a mom, a student, or just someone who likes to live their life on the go and could use a little organization. This little bundle will help them get started to live a productive and stress free life.

This is the person who is always running. Whether they’re a mom, a student, or someone who just likes to live life on the go – this little bundle will help make sure that they’re running smoothly!

Create 365 The Happy Planner Mini Planner – Market Floral – UNDATED – $9.99

from: Blitsy


Create 365 Happy Planner Sticker Value Pack – Mini Productivity – $13.99

from: Blitsy


The Cook

This person loves to cook! They love to dabble in new recipes, try out new things and the best part? They love to share their creations with you!

Hook up your favorite cook with some great gifts to help them make sure their holiday plans are perfect!

Create 365 The Happy Planner Recipe Organizer – $17.49

from: Blitsy


Napa Table Easel & Book Stand – $27.19

from: Blitsy


The D.I.Y.-ista

This person enjoys all sorts of projects. If they can make it, they will do it! Give this person something that they can customize and have wrapped up in a pretty package! They will love it.

Carpe Diem Beautiful A5 Planner Boxed Set – Blush – $43.99

from: Blitsy


  • note – The Cape Diem boxed sets do come with inserts, but you can purchase each item separately! Keep this in mind when you’re shopping. 🙂


Carpe Diem Posh Monthly Double-Sided A5 Inserts – Undated – $7.99

from: Blitsy

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HP Instant Ink – 3 Free Months!


The Fashionista

This is the person who is always on trend. There is never a hair out of place and they are always on top of their game. This person needs a set up that will match their style and keep them going day in and day out!

Erin Condren Create Your Own Deluxe Monthly Planner – $30.00

from: Erin Condren


PenGems Website


Erin Condren Large Luxe Clutch – $24.00

from: Erin Condren


The Entrepreneur

Much like the fashionista and “on-the-go,” this person is always on trend and always running! This person needs a sleek planner to match their professional demeanor. Get them a sturdy planner that will include all of the important information they need in one place!

Protopreneur Planner


Flat Vintage Tote – 13” x 13” – $4.19

from: Blitsy



Hopefully these little bundles give you an idea of what to purchase this holiday season! There are so many different products on the market that you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list.

Happy holidays!


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