Confessions of a Planner Addict

Confessions of a Planner Addict

Being a planner addict is not for the faint of heart. It takes a certain type of person to become a planner addict. There’s a drive and a want for something more, a love for beauty in all its shapes and forms, a desire to become more and make a difference in every day life. No, being a planner addict is not for everyone.

I have waited outside craft stores moments before they have opened and have driven past those same stores moments after they’ve shut, longingly waiting for them to reopen the next morning. I have stood in long lines knowing I’ve needed to be somewhere else at that very moment, but couldn’t resist a great sale to further my planner journey. I have stood in the aisles helping potential new planners and have exchanged silent conversations with other planners who also understand, but need to be on their way. In my time spent in these stores, I have become wildly inspired by the newest products; it is never time wasted, but time created.

I have piles of washi taller than myself, a feat that I admit both terrifies and amazes me; I’m oddly proud of my piles. They’re a bright beacon of color in dark times and prove that there is infinite possibility in so many things.

I have far more planners than I could ever need – probably in a life time. The wide array of colors, sizes, and styles amazes me. The fact that one concept can inspire so many different versions of the same thing is amazing; all similar, but not all exactly the same. They are loved for their differences.

There are weeks where I don’t even touch or look at my planners. There are moments where I feel like my ideas don’t need to be written down or feel like they need to be celebrated. I have become uninspired many times, not wanting to spend the time to keep myself better organized. Despite my lack of interest, my planners are a constant and reassuring object. There presence means that I have options.

The amount of sticker sheets I have can line miles of pathways if I decided to lay them out end to end. Chances are there is a sticker for anything I’m looking for; if not, there will be one. The creative side in making stickers is challenging and rewarding.

The people I have met in my journey have ranged from absolutely terrible to absolutely amazing. But I choose to remember the wonderful people that I’ve met along the way. The generosity and kindness of some of the wonderful men and women who have come along on the journey have meant so much more and in so many ways. Planner friends truly make the best of friends.

Being a planner addict isn’t for everyone, but it’s beyond rewarding for those willing to make the commitment and have the drive to become something more, something better.



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