Happy Planner Reveal Week – Day Two

Happy Planner Reveal Week – Day Two

Day two of reveal week is complete! Let me just say that I might love this set of planners even more than the ones that they showed yesterday. In today’s video, we were shown a total of 7 classic planners and 8 minis. There doesn’t appear to be any additional big planners.

This set of planners will be released October 28th at Michaels Stores.

The first set of planners we were shown today was Funky Floral. This planner comes as both a classic and a mini. Based off of the covers the two sizes are very similar, but also very different. The cover on the classic reminds me of the Pineapple 18-month planner, but with more flowers instead of tropical. This planner is a horizontal classic.

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Next up is Indigo Hues. The subdued and tie-dye look of this planner is absolutely beautiful! It’s very simple, very clean, and very pretty. If you’re looking for a planner that features a similar toned color palette, this one is another top contender. Instead of a neutral color scheme, this one features moody blues – just enough color to brighten your day! This planner is also offered as a classic and a mini.

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This planner appears to be already be in line to be a top seller – Boho Deeptones. I have to say, I gasped upon seeing this planner! I love the constellations and jewel tones featured through out this planner and I might need to buy it in both sizes. It’s very boho chic in the best way possible.

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Sparkle and Shine is a planner that I feel embodies so much of what the Happy Planner is about! Bright and beautiful colors dominate this planner and bring bright little rays of sunshine with the yellow discs. This particular planner will be released in a mini, but it packs a powerful punch!

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A few planners that were shown yesterday also have some companions! Blush Crush, Rustic Bouquet, and Sugar & Spice all have mini counterparts and are equally as beautiful as their classic and big sized counterparts!

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In addition to the additional minis, a few designs are also being added to the classic size. Modern Simple, Delicate Garden, and the Budget planner are all going to be found in the classic!

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But wait, there’s more.

To round out the planner selection, there’s an updated Faith planner featuring a horizontal layout in the classic size and an updated mini fitness planner!

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I have to say that I’m having a hard time choosing a planner this time! I’ve fallen in love with the Boho planner, but I’m also in love with a lot of others!

What planner are you loving from this release so far? What planner are you wishing would be released? Let me know in the comments!


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Watch today’s reveal week video for more information!




  1. Orah
    September 23, 2017 / 8:53 am

    Did they come out with any bullet journal inserts???

    Or any insert packets?

    • Caitlyn
      September 23, 2017 / 9:40 am

      At this current moment, no. However, they do appear to be doing a release of just accessories by the end of the year. Whether this includes bullet journal type inserts is not known, just that more will be coming out. Stay tuned on that one!

      I know most people prefer dot grid, but have you looked into the grid paper that they offer? I know that’s available and works wonderfully. 🙂

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