The Happy Planner Accessory Winter Release Info

The Happy Planner Accessory Winter Release Info
Edit 12/20 – Videos have been uploaded that show the products better – yay! Photos and the accompanying video can be found at the end of the post!

Me & My Big Ideas has been on a roll this year with their product releases. Very recently they had a very successful launch of their updated 12-month planners and the Happy Planner Girl line. As it turns out, they aren’t quite done with releases for this year. They will be having a winter release of some new accessories and they are worth checking out. Starting on December 28th in Michaels Stores you’ll be able to pick up brand new accessories. These items will be found in the Mambi Shop on January 8th.
The mini Happy Planner received some love with accessories very recently, but the big Happy Planner was lacking. This accessory release makes up for that!
When I write these posts, normally they are full of photos. Due to the quality and connection of the video, the photos will not be shown. However, feel free to check out the video yourself and see what you can see! The video will be added at the end of this post.

Big Happy Planner

A lot of the products for the big Happy Planner are brand new to this size. While this size could still use some love, it’s refreshing to see some updates and additions for the big Happy Planner.

The new extension packs are a very welcome addition for the big Happy Planner. As someone who likes to use the big Happy Planner as a “home base” for everything in life, the extension packs will make things easier to keep things more in line.

Half Sheets & Filler Paper

  • (60) Hourly Sheets – $7.99
  • (60) Checklist/Gride Sheets – $7.99
  • (40) Colored Sheets (Back to School line) – $7.99
  • (24) Notes sheets with foil treatment – $7.99
  • (24) Neon notes sheets – $7.99


  • 8 Dividers with foil treatment – $12.99
  • Accessory Starter Pack – $9.99

Extension Packs

  • Monthly Extension Pack (6 months – Trendsetter style) – $12.99
  • 4 Month Fitness Extension Pack – $12.99
  • Budget Planner Extension Pack – $12.99

Classic Happy Planner

The classic Happy Planner sees the addition of several new accessories, but also with some front runners returning. If you missed out on some products from the Happy Planner Girl or the Back to School line, now is the time to grab them!

Half Sheets & Filler Paper

  • (40) Daily Half Sheets (Trendsetter style) – $4.99
  • Weekly Meal Plan Sheets – $4.99
  • (60) Colorful Half Sheets – $4.99
  • (60) Expense Tracker Half Sheets – $4.99
  • (40) Colorful Filler Paper – $4.99
  • (24) Note sheets with foil treatment – $4.99
  • (24) Neon notes sheets – $4.99


  • Accessory Starter Pack – $8.99

Extension Packs (New)

  • Monthly Extension Pack (Trendsetter Style) – $7.99
  • Hourly Extension Pack (Goal Getter Style) – $7.99
  • Wellness Extension Pack – $7.99

The Budget Planner Extension Pack will be moving to join the new line up. If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on this pack but have had difficulty finding it, now is the time!



The new sticker additions are a very welcome addition. The winter release will be bringing in three brand new value sticker packs that have been highly requested, in addition to the brand new sticker boxes. The sticker boxes will be themed and have the most commonly used stickers so that you can use them over and over again.

Value Sticker Packs – $19.99 each

  • Tiny
  • Budget
  • Productivity (Updated)

Sticker Boxes – $9.99 each

  • Menu
  • Appointments
  • Faith
  • Schedule
  • Home Life
  • Fitness
  • Checklist
  • Travel
  • Mom
  • Wellness


My Thoughts

This accessory release is very well needed. A lot of products that are being released this time around are both highly requested and will help round out the products already available.

The new stickers are going to be a hot seller. The budget sticker pack and the sticker boxes are going to sell as fast as they make their way to the shelves. I love that the sticker boxes allow you to have some of your favorite stickers on stand-by at almost all times. Based off of what could be seen in the video and what we’ve been told, they are carefully curated and will provide months of use.

The brand new Wellness Expansion Pack is a huge bonus to the winter release. An expansion pack that’s focused on self care is going to be a great resource for so many planners. We all need to take more time in taking care of ourselves and this extension will help.

Overall, I’m very excited for this winter release and I can guarantee that there will be something for everyone. I will most definitely be picking up the new stickers and a few extension packs. If 2017 was this phenomenal for the Happy Planner, 2018 is only going to be even better.

What products are you excited about for this release? Let me know in the comments!

New Extension Packs

New Stickers

New Filler Paper


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  1. Angie
    December 28, 2017 / 9:22 am

    So upset right now!! We’ve been waiting for weeks for TODAY, December 28, to go to Michael’s and get some of the new accessories and stickers. Arrived at our local Michael’s store in Jacksonville, FL, only for them to have no new products and have no idea what we were talking about!!! Said they might get a truck in a few weeks with some planner stuff. ?!?! So mad!!!

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