The Happy Planner® Academy – Planner Starter Kit

The Happy Planner® Academy – Planner Starter Kit

In every source of education, it’s always important to focus on the fundamentals before moving forward. It certainly won’t be any different for this particular planner academy.

When you purchase your first planner, it’s hard to figure out what to purchase to ensure a productive journey. Follow along and find out what you need in your Happy Planner Starter Kit.

1. Your Happy Planner

Having your Happy Planner is the number one item in your starter kit, but picking the correct one is important. The Happy Planner comes in a variety of sizes and there are several important aspects to consider. I recommend taking a moment to read Finding Your Planner from the Planner Basics series I started for a more in depth approach. For now, let’s focus on the main features.

When picking your planner, consider the size – do you want something portable? or do you want something that can sit on a desk or counter, accessible to anyone who needs it? Do you need a specialized planner, such as a wedding planner or even a budget planner?

Do you need a specialized planner, such as a wedding planner or even a budget planner?

What layout do you want to work with? A vertical lay out where you write your plans from top to bottom? Or a horizontal layout that provides a more linear approach?

Every planner is different and offers different features. Most Happy Planners come in a vertical layout, however there are select planners offered with a horizontal format. Take some time to research before making your purchase.

2. Pens!

Having the correct pen is always important. This seems like such an odd thing to worry about, but will absolutely make a difference in your planner.

Paper is tricky to work with since it’s sometimes hard to know how certain papers will react to pens. Gel pens are even harder to use as they have a tendency to run and smear. Not all gel pens have this issue, but it is very common.

I personally use my PenGems in my Happy Planner. They’re sturdy and have an excellent weight. They come as ballpoint pens, but they are the best ball point pens I’ve ever used! If you’re looking for a beautiful pen, definitely check them out. See my review on PenGems here – PenGems Review and First Impressions

3. Washi Tape

For me personally, washi beats out stickers in importance. Stickers serve a purpose, but washi can cover so much more. Washi can serve as many different decorations within your planner.

Need to highlight something? Washi!

Need to divide sections in your planner? Washi!

Don’t want to use stickers in your spread, but want some added decorations? Washi!

Washi can add so much more to your planner than you think. They range in many different widths, but are super thin and don’t add a lot of bulk to your planners like a sticker would. I 100% recommend washi tape to anyone looking for quick and easy decorations.

4. Stickers

Stickers are another great way to add decoration to your planner, but they also provide a lot of functionality. Depending on your look and your planner style you can go purely decorative, purely functional, or have a mix of the two in your planner. I prefer to have a mix of both, but some weeks you just want to sway one way or the other.

Using dedicated stickers in your planning adds more importance to your week. When you need to remember something a little more than something else, the process of adding the sticker often times helps to remind you that you need to do it. This is proven even more when it’s a sticker that you need to include information on.

Take advantage of the many value sticker packs from me & my BIG ideas that are designed specifically for The Happy Planner. There are so many different options available for all sizes of the planner that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect sticker book (or books!) for you.

5. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a life saving tool when it comes to planning. Whether you use post it notes, page flags that you write on, or special die-cut sticky notes, you are going to want them for your planning! Sticky notes are great as bonus decorations, but especially for the moments in life that have to move around. If you’re trying to schedule an appointment well in advance, having it written down on a sticky note is helpful. Sticky notes are also a great way to start the initial planner decorating process. Place down reusable sticky notes with larger elements written down and make sure you enjoy the placement. When you’re satisfied with the look, pull up the sticky notes as you go and place your decorative elements down!

6. Note Paper

Note paper might be listed last, but note paper is an absolute must. If you plan to carry your planner around with you often or need to jot a note having note paper is a valuable resource. Note paper is always great for well needed brain dumps or creating lists. Make the note paper work for you in whatever you do!


Bonus Items!

Extension packs are a great addition to your Happy Planner! Some examples of extensions that exist are 6-month calendar add-ons, budget, and even fitness. These are just a few of the extensions that are offered for the Happy Planner – there are a lot more available!

Did you know that you can purchase additional covers? Seriously this is such a fun option to customize your Happy Planner! They’re offered in packs of three laminated covers or you can purchase deluxe covers. Depending on your need, either or are great options for your Happy Planner.

Note pads are another great option to add to your Happy Planner! They come as either long sticky note sheets or can come as punched sheets that can be inserted into your planner. Always a great addition to have!

The pen case is a HUGE plus to add to your collection. Plenty of space for pens, highlighters, and markers and even more space for stickers, washi, and whatever else you can fit! The pen case is a HUGE must have and bonus item. It’s just the right size to carry everything you need for on-the-go.


I hope that this post helps you figure out what you should be purchasing for your planner journey. You don’t need to purchase everything here, but they are recommended! Whether you have it all or only bits and pieces, always remember having your planner and a pen are the most important items that you can own.



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