Guest Posting

Welcome to Planner Babes!

If you’re on this page, you’re interested in writing for the blog. Planner Babes has a higher standard for writing and we would like to make sure you would be a good fit for the blog. Before you begin, take some time to read through these guidelines.



Needs to fit Planner Babes as a whole

Writing for Planner Babes means that you are looking to do something for the greater good. Planner Babes is designed to be an all encompassing space for Planner Babes of all walks of life. That being said, any posts written on Planner Babes are generally positive, uplifting, and knowledgable. This site is a hub for planners to find new information and discover new things. While most of the readers on Planner Babes are college aged young women, we do have a wide range of readership.

Being family friendly is important. We want your post to be geared towards as many people as possible and we thank you for it!

Word Count

The average post on Planner Babes hovers between 750-1000 words. The expected word count for your post is 500 words, minimum, with a 2500 word maximum. Chances are once you get started you’ll write more than you think!

Do NOT do these things

We do not support, partake in, or otherwise condone racism, ignorance, or innapropriate behavior. Planner Babes is not the location for you to take a political stance (unless it’s on your favorite planner brands!). If your content is deemed innapropriate it will not be published and you will not be allowed to submit content for consideration.

Do THESE things

Have fun! Enjoy the moment and trust the process. The goal is to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward and showing people another side of yourself. If this is your first time writing a guest post, feel free to reach out for assistance. We’re here every step of the way.


But What About the Process?

The process seems complicated, but it’s easy! The worst part is the waiting.

  1. Pitch your idea! Use the contact form below to send an e-mail with all of the important details. Let us know what you can contribute and what you want out of the experience. Please include a writing sample with your pitch!
  2. Within five business days, you will be contacted and will be informed on your status. In some cases this process can take longer, but most will be contacted early. If accepted, we will discuss a timeline for your post. If you are rejected, please feel free to try again! If you haven’t heard  If you would like to write as a series, please include that in your pitch!
  3. Once we have a timeline agreed upon, you will be able to begin writing. If you need additional time, please send an e-mail so we can work out a new time for your post to go live.
  4. Send a copy of your post. I will provide a folder for you to utilize through either Dropbox or Google Drive for any photos you might have. I will read through your post and make sure that it’s set to be posted, with small revisions as needed. You may be contacted to resend your post in the event larger revisions are needed. At this time, it’s requested that you send a small bio with a photo of yourself or your website’s logo. Please make sure you retain copies of these photos. After 14 days they will be removed from Dropbox or Google Drive. We will not be held responsible for lost photos.
  5. Once your post is approved, it will be scheduled and uploaded on the date we agreed upon. You will be provided the link to the post so that you may promote it on your own social media.

Keep in mind, once you send your content, it will be owned by Planner Babes unless specified otherwise. The content will be posted and hosted on Planner Babes and can not be shared on your own website. You may share the link to your content hosted on Planner Babes, but may not replicate it and post it elsewhere.


Need an idea on topics you could use? These are a few examples –

  • Planner reviews
  • Planner resources
  • Productivity tips & tricks
  • Organization tips & tricks
  • Time management
  • Planner hacks
  • Planner crafts
  • Personal experiences with planning
  • Digital planning

These are only a few ideas! If it’s planning related, we would love to see it!


Ready for the next step? Fill out the form!

Guidelines and process are subject to change at any time. If you’re unsure of something, please ask!