My First Happy Planner and Why I Still Use It

My First Happy Planner and Why I Still Use It

I wasn’t sure what today’s topic should be, but talking about my very first Happy Planner has always been a favorite topic of mine. This post is an expanded version of the one I wrote on my other website; it’ll be new to almost everyone, but to a select few it’ll be familiar.

My Happy Planner Story

The Happy Planner is still a baby in the planner community but has made major strides in the two years it’s been released. When I first learned about the Happy Planner, I was positive that it had existed well before I had set eyes on it for the first time in Michaels. As it would turn out, at that moment it was only a few months old. The success and amount of products that have been released for this planner have been expl osive. In fact, the line is expanding even more with their newly announced (and freshly released!) Happy Memory Planning line. It’s the type of success that anyone and everyone dream of and the company, as a whole, has remained amazingly humble throughout the experience.

Thinking about my first Happy Planner is also a humbling experience and I had no idea that it would bring me on the journey that I’m on now. At the time, I was highly in love with Smashbooks, little books that were designed to carry and hold life’s biggest memories in a small compact space. I had never been able to finish one before but had managed to successfully create and finish one for my first anniversary with Christopher. After completing that book, I spent a lot of time scouring the internet for something. I could always purchase another Smashbook, but I thought it was difficult to work with. Scrapbooks were too big and awkwardly shaped for me, but I valued the size of the Smashbook. It didn’t appear that there was a product on the market that truly fit me.

During this time, I didn’t frequent Michaels nearly as often as I do now. One day I decided to just go and see what they had; it had been a few months since I had stopped in and who knew what they had. My plan was to search those aisles as much as I could to try and findĀ something. I didn’t need to look far at all as I spotted the Happy Planner, newly placed on the shelves, three aisles in to the store. They did not have anywhere near the amount of product that they do now, but there was enough product in that 2 foot wide, 8 foot tall (is that correct?) space that I immediately became intrigued.

Never before had I seen a book on discs and the bright, colorful designs caught my eye. My eyes spent a few moments surveying the products in front of me – puffy stickers, additional discs in different colors; then I found myself looking at the planners themselves.

I picked up a few different books and flipped through them, slowly falling in love. I quickly realized that these were truly planners, but each planner contained different contents. None of the dividers were the same, each month’s pages were special in their own way; was this the product I was looking for? I picked up the “Every Day is a Gift” planner, absolutely positive that I would be leaving the store that day with my new prize. Then the price tag made its way into view – $24.99. What? Even with a half off coupon, I had no idea if I was ready to make that commitment. It was such a new product and I hadn’t seen it before and didn’t have time to research it right then. Back on the shelf it went.

Every day I found myself thinking about the Happy Planner. There wasn’t another product like it out in stores at the time, it fit my needs, and not only that, it was an actual planner. On top of wanting to keep all of my memories in one place (and this planner is PERFECT for that!), I was looking for a planner to help get myself on track. The stars had aligned in all respects except for one – the price.

After seeing the planner for the first time, I would visit Michaels once a week for a few weeks. Each time I would visit the place where the Happy Planners were, pick one up, flip through it, then place it back down. This repeated each and every time, but one week everything changed.

classic sized Happy Planner with the text "Good Things Are Going to Happen" in a white circle. It is surrounded by multicolored chevron and has blue discs holding it together.This particular trip started off as it normally did; I parked, got out of the car, went into Michaels and immediately found myself in front of the Happy Planners. This time was different, though. On this particular trip, there was a sign in front of the display – “Happy Planners 50% off.” I had already gone into the store with a prized 20% off everything coupon; today was the day!

In addition to my new Happy Planner, I also picked up a few stickers. Up to the register I went and then I was off on my way with my new planner.

It took me time to warm up to my planner. In fact, it wasn’t until I purchased my second Happy Planner last year that I truly began to fall in love with it. In between 2015 and 2016, my schedule became busy and the time I would’ve spent using my planner was spent elsewhere. I didn’t utilize the weekly pages that much, but when I finally did, the whole thing was a game changer. In addition to not spending any real time with my planner, I’ll admit that I spent time trying other brands.

At the end of the day, nothing matched up to my Happy Planner.

Why I Still Use the Happy Planner

It’s obvious that I love my Happy Planner. If you follow my Instagram or visit my YouTube channel, most of my posts contain the Happy Planner – on purpose. For the first time in my life, I had a planner that I truly enjoyed. The customization aspect allows me to do whatever I need.

The planner is decorative to a point where I don’t need to add to much of my own (but I do anyway). The discs make a world of difference when it comes to putting together a spread; whether I choose to make it decorative or not, it’s always an easy situation.

The ultimate flexibility of the Happy Planner is what makes me come back to it time and time again. I enjoy other planners as well, but being able to create the perfect planner is an added bonus.

The end goal of the Happy Planner is to “Plan a Happy Life” and at the end of the day, that’s what I do.



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