General and Planner Finder F.A.Q.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are Planner Babes?

  • A. Planner Babes are the lovely individuals of the planner community. The term is very wide spread in the community and here on this website, anyone can be a Planner Babe.┬áPlanner Babes come from all walks of life and if you use a planner or are looking to use one, you are a Planner Babe. Planner Babes is plural in the website name since there are thousands of Planner Babes!

Q. Who is this website for?

  • A. This website is for anyone who needs assistance in finding a new planner, planner resources, and many other features. The goal is to become the number one planner destination on the web.

Q. What can be expected on this website?

  • A. The answer to that question is A LOT. Planner Babes is still in it’s infant stage, but is already growing. The Planner Finder is the main feature, but additional and upcoming features that will be included are printables for all planner sizes, a comprehensive planner size guide (page sizes, scaled pictures, box sizes, and more!), a special Planner Babes network, and so much more. Planner Babes is meant to be a community building tool in addition to a helping tool. There are too many features to even list!